Learning The Craft of Writing

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A Finished Story

2017-07-18 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,374 (narrative) Session Time: 1 hour 10 minutes I’m done with my first story! Okay, done is a bit of a strong word. I’ve finished my first draft, but I finished and that is the important part! This would be my third short story I’ve written but it’s the first story I’ve hit the first draft milestone since I decided to write. I haven’t really mentioned it by this point, but this short story is for the XPrize short story competition. Continue reading

Eye On The (X)Prize

2017-07-05 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,237 (plotting) Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Start – 3:30 pm End – 5:00 pm Several weeks ago, maybe a month or two, I ran into a new Sci-Fi anthology being funded by the XPrize group about future technology. Normally XPrize’s competitions are around pushing forward actual technology, like getting a space shuttle to take off like an air plane, fly into space, and then return. Continue reading