Learning The Craft of Writing

Join me on my journey on learning the craft and business of writing

Initial Edits Done

2017-08-02 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,200+ (edits) Total Word Count: 5,865 Session Time: 3 hours Start – 4:20 pm End – 7:20 pm My initial edit was focused on putting in bits I forgot from the first draft. As I write and realized I missed something, I would use the Notes section in Scrivener to keep a list of things I needed to go back and fix or add. Continue reading

A Finished Story

2017-07-18 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,374 (narrative) Session Time: 1 hour 10 minutes I’m done with my first story! Okay, done is a bit of a strong word. I’ve finished my first draft, but I finished and that is the important part! This would be my third short story I’ve written but it’s the first story I’ve hit the first draft milestone since I decided to write. I haven’t really mentioned it by this point, but this short story is for the XPrize short story competition. Continue reading

Motivation Problem

2017-07-17 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 2,238 (narrative) Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Have you ever run into a situation where you know you should be doing something, and deep down you know you’d enjoy it if you did, but you just can’t get started? Well that was today for me. My writing time starts at 3 pm and ends at 6 pm. I found myself still goofing around at 4:45 pm. Continue reading

Eye On The (X)Prize

2017-07-05 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,237 (plotting) Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Start – 3:30 pm End – 5:00 pm Several weeks ago, maybe a month or two, I ran into a new Sci-Fi anthology being funded by the XPrize group about future technology. Normally XPrize’s competitions are around pushing forward actual technology, like getting a space shuttle to take off like an air plane, fly into space, and then return. Continue reading

Writing Stuff

2017-06-26 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,118 (narrative) 221 (world building) = 1,339 Session Time: 1 hour 20 minutes Edit: I recoded my stats, but forgot to add my thoughts. So we’ll just leave this as is.

Take A Step Back

2017-06-14 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 0 Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Start – 8:30 am End – 10:00 am Today was a very productive day, just not for my word count. I sat down to my computer, immediately got distracted by a YouTube video and checking my email and was dragging my feet getting started. Laura was in the bathroom and heard the YouTube video I was watching and reminded me I should be writing. Continue reading

Off To A Stumbling Start

2017-06-12 nanowrimo Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,175 (narrative) Session Time: 1 hour Start – 8:25 am End – 9:25 am Today was my first day at “actually” writing. In calculating the number of weeks to “finish” the story, I started with today. That is why last week I spent more time planning so I could just start writing today. And unfortunately my morning got away from me and I wasn’t able to start writing when I had schedule to do so, at 7:30 am. Continue reading