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2018-02-03 Michael

My name is Michael Holley. You don’t know my father! Prepare to die?

I may have gotten that quote wrong…

Where was I. Oh yes, my name is Michael Holley. I’m a 30 something living in Utah with my awesome wife and four wonderful kids. By day I’m a Systems Administrator um… looks at name plaque. I’m a Cloud Automation Engineer. Yeah I don’t know what that means either. But the more important thing to note is I’m a developing author of fantasy and sci-fi stories, stories I write in collaboration with my wife, Laura Holley.

Let me guess, you saw a link for one my site to this one and confused who this Michael person is. Well that is probably because I maintain three different pen names.

  1. Mel Michaels is the pen name for my wife and I’s fantasy story collaborations.
  2. Adam J. Berry is the pen name for my sci-fi stories (written by just me).
  3. Michael Holley is my real name and I will use it for non-fiction books and articles.

This site is more of a journal than anything, documenting my journey in learning the craft and business of writing fiction stories. If you like anything you see here let me know in either the comments or from any of the social sites noted on the side. I hope to hear from you soon.

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