Learning The Craft of Writing

Join me on my journey on learning the craft and business of writing

Motivation Problem

2017-07-17 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 2,238 (narrative) Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Have you ever run into a situation where you know you should be doing something, and deep down you know you’d enjoy it if you did, but you just can’t get started? Well that was today for me. My writing time starts at 3 pm and ends at 6 pm. I found myself still goofing around at 4:45 pm. Continue reading

Sometimes Life Happens

2017-07-12 update Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,445 (story) Session Time: 1 hour 15 minutes Start – 4:45 pm End – 6:00 pm This summer has been teaching me something about writing, life sometimes gets in the way and if I want to get anything done I need to be better about not letting it eat up my writing time. It’s been a week since I last wrote. Between vacations, Laura joining Mary Kay, and people visiting, the time I’ve reserved for writing get’s eaten up quite easily. Continue reading

Eye On The (X)Prize

2017-07-05 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,237 (plotting) Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Start – 3:30 pm End – 5:00 pm Several weeks ago, maybe a month or two, I ran into a new Sci-Fi anthology being funded by the XPrize group about future technology. Normally XPrize’s competitions are around pushing forward actual technology, like getting a space shuttle to take off like an air plane, fly into space, and then return. Continue reading

Writing Stuff

2017-06-26 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,118 (narrative) 221 (world building) = 1,339 Session Time: 1 hour 20 minutes Edit: I recoded my stats, but forgot to add my thoughts. So we’ll just leave this as is.

My Writers Journey

2017-06-23 update Michael
I listen to a few podcasts about writing. Many have come and gone but two have remained ever since I got interested in writing back in 2011; Writing Excuses and The Creative Penn. Recently on The Creative Penn Joanna, the host, mentioned a recent collaboration she did with three other authors, and to promote the book they collectively wrote the group of authors were giving away various prizes to incentivize people to buy the book upon launch. Continue reading

One, Two, Three... Pivot!

2017-06-19 update Michael
So if you’ve noticed, a few days of no entries of any kind. This is because Laura and I have been talking and things around my writing is changing. Last Thursday night, I believe, Laura and I spoke for about three hours trying to figure out the main characters of my rebooted story. I had one of the characters in my head, and an idea about the second, but the third what I revealed to Laura didn’t work so well, so we tried to fix her up. Continue reading

Finding The Excitement In Writing

2017-06-15 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,502 (structure) Session Time: 1 hour Start – 8:30 am End – 9:30 am As I mentioned yesterday I decided to “start over” with a similar story but restructure it to be something I’m excited about. Well my original NaNoWriMo story was about adults and it was suppose to be a techno thriller, but I didn’t really know what “thriller” meant. After looking it up I realized the story wasn’t really a thriller because it had very little thrills, not enough suspense. Continue reading

Take A Step Back

2017-06-14 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 0 Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Start – 8:30 am End – 10:00 am Today was a very productive day, just not for my word count. I sat down to my computer, immediately got distracted by a YouTube video and checking my email and was dragging my feet getting started. Laura was in the bathroom and heard the YouTube video I was watching and reminded me I should be writing. Continue reading
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