Learning The Craft of Writing

Join me on my journey on learning the craft and business of writing

Just Do It!

2017-08-22 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 4,297 (narrative) Session Time: 3 hours or so Start – 8:30 pm End – 11:40 pm Last week I sent out a draft of my story to some family members. Out of the ten or so people I sent it to only two people replied with actual feedback. My sister, who provided a whole lot of feedback pointed out all of the problems with my story over the course of about a three hour discussion that lasted till past one in the morning. Continue reading

Revision vs Rewrite

2017-08-16 status Michael
Several years ago I worked for a small web design firm. It was so small, I was employee number four and there was no employee number five. For a time, one of my jobs was to write little blurbs to be used for SEO. The idea was I would write three blurbs and each one was broken up in to three segments. Each segment had to be written in such a way that any segment one could be followed by any segment two and so on. Continue reading

Finding Beta Readers

2017-08-14 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 5,214 (total) Session Time: 2 hours 15 minutes Start – 3:45 pm End – 6:00 pm Life can be a real pain in the rear sometimes. I’ve made a commitment to writing 4-5 days a week, I’ve scheduled the time to write, and I’ve even got my wife on board with protecting that time for my writing. But life really likes to mess that up. Continue reading

Initial Edits Done

2017-08-02 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,200+ (edits) Total Word Count: 5,865 Session Time: 3 hours Start – 4:20 pm End – 7:20 pm My initial edit was focused on putting in bits I forgot from the first draft. As I write and realized I missed something, I would use the Notes section in Scrivener to keep a list of things I needed to go back and fix or add. Continue reading

Process Refinements

2017-07-28 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 5,963 (total) Session Time: 2 hours Start – 6:00 am End – 10:00 am When I decided I wanted to start writing I decided that I should start with a couple of short stories to begin with. Not because I have small story ideas, or because I like that form. I decided that because I can get through a story quickly and move onto the next. Continue reading

First Edits

2017-07-24 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 0 (first edit) Total Word Count: 5,704 Session Time: 2 hours Start – 4:00 pm End – 6:00 pm After a few days break from finishing the first draft I started edits today. Though my break was short, compared to general recommendations, I did start working on the idea for my next story, so at least I used my down time to prepare for my next project! Continue reading

A Finished Story

2017-07-18 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 1,374 (narrative) Session Time: 1 hour 10 minutes I’m done with my first story! Okay, done is a bit of a strong word. I’ve finished my first draft, but I finished and that is the important part! This would be my third short story I’ve written but it’s the first story I’ve hit the first draft milestone since I decided to write. I haven’t really mentioned it by this point, but this short story is for the XPrize short story competition. Continue reading

Motivation Problem

2017-07-17 status Michael
Stats Word Count: 2,238 (narrative) Session Time: 1 hour 30 minutes Have you ever run into a situation where you know you should be doing something, and deep down you know you’d enjoy it if you did, but you just can’t get started? Well that was today for me. My writing time starts at 3 pm and ends at 6 pm. I found myself still goofing around at 4:45 pm. Continue reading
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